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About Tom Peters

“Tom” Peters (born November 7, 1942) is an American writer on business management practices, best known for In Search of Excellence. He went to Severn School a private, preparatory high school, graduating in 1960. Peters then attended Cornell University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1964, and a master’s degree in 1966.

                On Management

      Famous Quotes of Tom Peters

  • We are going to see leadership emerge as the most important element – the attribute that is highest in demand and shortest in supply. Great managers are an organization’s glue. They create and hold together the scores of folks who power high – performance.
  • Leaders focus on soft stuff. People. Values. Character. A cause. It is the stuff that real leaders take care of first. And forever.
  • Great leaders honour the people who want to depose them, the assassins in their midst.
  • What creates trust, in the end, is the leader’s manifest respect for the followers.
  • I believe in waste. Waste is very important in creativity.
  • The problem is never to get new, innovative thoughts into our mind, but how to get old ones out.
  • It is the cracked ones that let the light into the world. Become a connoisseur of talent.
  • If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.
  • Information is the enemy of intelligence.
  • There is no reason why each and every form, policy, and procedure can’t be work of art/beauty/grace/clarity/ simplicity.
  • The social side of systems –
  1. All depends on the quality of conversations.
  2. 5 percent technology and 95 percent sociology, psychology and attitude.
  • Hire for attitude and train for whatever.
  • Stories are the real thing. If you want to involve your colleagues in the future performance, don’t just present them with numbers. Numbers are numbing. Stories are personal, passionate, and purposeful.
  • Rules are for fools.
  • Silicon Valley’s success secrets: Tolerance of failure; Tolerance of treachery; pursuit of Risk; willingness to Reinvest; Enthusiasm for change; promotion on merit.
  • All value comes from professional services. All growth will come from intellectually based services.
  • Devote a large share of gross revenues to knowledge management. Think research and development.

We thank Mr. Tom Peter for his wonderful insights on management.

Become a positive entrepreneur.

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