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Butterfly and a Bee

Butterfly and a Bee

Once upon a time, there was a huge creeper full of juicy fruits. It was a home to many living creatures who used to feed on its fruits.

There were many beautiful and colorful butterflies too, which used to sing and dance around this plant.

One day a bee reached to this plant and sat on its branch. She started viewing the dance of these beautiful butterflies and started feeling inferior to them. “Oh! They have such beautiful and colorful wings. They are so beautiful. I am just nothing. I look so ugly.”

These thoughts started making her feel sad. She sat there timid and shy. As she was lost in her thoughts, a pink color butterfly came and sat near the bee. Bee was feeling too inhibited to talk to this magnificent creature. But the butterfly started the conversation. “Hello” said the pink butterfly. “Hi” replied the bee. “Why are you sitting so quietly?? Come and dance with us!” asked the butterfly

“I am not colorful like you are. My wings are not that beautiful and big.” expressed the bee.

“And you know, our life is so short and we can’t travel to places like you can. We cannot fly long distances. “Explained the butterfly

The pink butterfly added, “We are all beautiful in our own ways. Just acknowledge the qualities you are born with. I can’t fly to distant places so I am having fun dancing around this plant which is the world to me; with my friends, which are life to me. But you can travel. So use your life, your abilities, your talent, and your unique wings for this, my friend.”

Bee smiled and hugged the butterfly. “You are right my beautiful friend. I will go out and visit many places and will bring fantastic stories to share with you all. Thank you.”

And they lived with their unique “beauty” happily ever after…….


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