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Counselor’s Counseling

We have examined the need of humankind, from the time of Adam & Eve to now, for advice and counsel, to understand themselves and their relationship to their fellow human begins, and to recognize and develop their own potential. In responding to these needs, the chieftains and elders of ancient tribal societies were perhaps the forerunners, the ancient counterparts, of the present-day counselor. In the early civilizations, the philosophers, priests or other representative of the gods were seen in roles offering advice and counseling. Often treatment for the mentally ill was cruel, even when administrated by physicians, The role of religion in counseling and advising the young in particular but not exclusively, continued through the middle ages, supplemented by sporadic efforts aimed at talent identification and development and even planned career placement. Form the middle age onwards, teachers also were increasingly expected to provide guidance for their pupils, often to the most directive kind.

Counseling as a healing profession

Counseling as a healing profession is the concept that underlies the role and function of the counselor in today society. A helping profession is one in which the members are specially trained and licensed or certified to perform a unique and needed service for follow human begins. Helping professional serve; they are recognized by the society as the sole professional providers of the unique and needed services they offer.

The helping profession include medicine, law, dentistry, education, psychology, and social work. The roots of each lie in the nature of humankind and society, past and present. It is on these bases that services are determined and progress for providing these services are developed.

In the instance of the helping profession, including counseling, it is appropriate to begin with the very foundation of their existence – namely, the human client. This client has certain distinguishing characteristics that provide a basis for the counseling profession and the institutions and agencies through which this profession contributes its special knowledge and skills. Although any attempt to characterize such a versatile & ever changing species as human begins is perilous, we have certain stable yet unique traits that set us apart from other living species. In the main these are, what we might term the privileges of the human race. They provide not only the basis or focus of our being but also the basis for our doing. They also suggest roles that we human beings can play in helping our fellow human beings. These distinguishing characteristic include the following.

  • Humans are among the weakest species at birth.
  • Humankind has the greatest potential for growth and development of all the species.
  • Humans have the highest level of communication skills, skills that enable us to express our thoughts in detail to many others; to teach our language to others (even other animal species at certain level); and to record send and receive information.
  • The human species exhibits a wider range of difference than any other species.
  • Human begins manipulate and are manipulated by their environment.
  • Humans are the only living organisms that understand past and future time.
  • Humans have the ability to reason and to gain insight.

The professional counselor

The term professional counselor distinguished the professional from those who may use the title counselor, investment counselor, and such). Professionals are full time active representatives of their profession. They accept the responsibilities of professionalism. For the professional counselor, these responsibilities include the following.

  • Professional counselors must become fully trained and qualified to meet the needs of the client population they elect or are designated to serve. Training requires an appropriate graduate level (master degree at least) program that lead to an understanding and awareness of the systematic theories guiding professional practice.
  • Professional counselor actively seek and obtain the certification or licensure appropriate to their training, background and practice setting.
  • Professional counselors need to be professionally and personally committed to constantly updating and upgrading their skills and knowledge to reflect the latest and ongoing progress in their professional filed.
  • Professional counselor are aware of and contribute to the advancement of the profession by conducting and participating in research studies designed to increase knowledge for the profession. In addition, they ensure the dissemination of such studies to the profession through professional writings and program presentations at professional meetings.
  • Professional counselors are active participating members to appropriate professional organizations at all level (national, regional, state, local).
  • Professional counselors are aware of and adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines pertaining to the profession and the practice of counseling.


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