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Create your own Title

So you feel guilty to have your time!

You feel sad to go out without your husband!

You feel sorry leaving your kid at home to join a hobby class!!!

We all experience this.

But the fact is:-

An unhappy heart cannot heal,

Dirty hands cannot clean,

And weepy eyes cannot spread smiles.

When you get to spend your time, you also get the chance to miss your dear ones; to understand how important they are to you in your life; to feel gratitude to have them in your life. Plus it’s important to give yourself some self-time, love yourself, pamper yourself and feel free. And understand that you’re the most important person in your life and if you fail to love yourself then you won’t be able to perform your duties and responsibilities well. This is because when we stop considering our value we erode and with time get more and more incomplete. We can give or perform only when we are overflowing. For example, a beggar can’t donate but a rich man can; an unwell athlete can’t win a race, the athlete has to be fit. Similarly to make our lives, our surroundings and loved ones happy we have to feel happy from inside, give our self-time.

To achieve name and fame, to create a benchmark, it’s really important that we give ample amount of time to yourself, your personality, our skills, our attitude and efforts.

Following are the steps we should follow to CREATE YOUR OWN:

  • Make commitment to grow daily:

In the path of achieving success people normally do a mistake that is WRONG FOCUS. People focus only on acquiring, achieving and advancing rather than perpetual daily growing. The key to success lies in our efforts and aim of daily growth. If you make it your goal to grow a little every day, we will soon start seeing positive results in your life. As the poet Robert Browning said, “Why stay on earth except to growth.”

  • Don’t wait for inspiration:

Basketball jerry west said, “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” One amazing and necessary quality of people who goes far in their lives and achieve tremendously is their SELF-MOTIVATION and ALWAYS DELIVER BEST ATTITUDE, regardless of how they feel. To be successful, perseverance is compulsory.

  • Value the process more than events:

To be successful we have to make it a point that we have to learn to follow perennial change and grow. Specific life events are good for making decision, but it’s the process of change and growth that has lasting value. If we want to raise our standards we have to strive continuously.

  • Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity:

Life has a rule, NOTHING COMES FOR FREE. You have to pay for everything, similarly success demands a lot. We might have to give up our luxuries, our pleasure and sometimes life might seems really hard but believe me it’s all worth it. You can choose STRIVE and PAY INITIALLY or LATER. If you pay first, then you will enjoy greater rewards in the end and those reward taste sweeter.

  • Plan your precedence:

Time management is essential for CREATING A TITLE. One thing that all successful people have in common is that they have mastered the ability to respect time and utilize it efficiently. These successful people are highly organized. Henry kaise, founder of Kaiser Aluminum and Kaiser Permanente health care, says, “Every minute spent in planning will save you two in execution. You will never regain lost time, so make the most of every moment.”

  • Dream big:

I actually believe the fact that people have no limits. The potential that exists within us is limitless and largely untapped. When we dream big we are not only expanding our imaginations but also expanding our limits, skills, talents and potential. All the tests, stopwatches, and finish lines in the world can’t measure human potential. So JUST DREAM AS BIG AS POSSIBLE & GIVE YOUR BEST.

  • Give up and go up:

As I have already said that success requires sacrifice. Nothing of value comes without sacrifice. Life is filled with critical moments when we have to give priority to what is actually important for you, it will come as an opportunity and to utilize that opportunity we have to give up on our secondary needs. Always Give Up the Right Thing and Go Up for the Main Thing.

Hope these points are fruitful for you in CREATING YOUR OWN TITLE. HAVE A NICE DAY and KEEP READING OUR BLOGS.


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