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I remember, like many other words, dating used to be a tabooed word too in my time.

Humm, I am feeling like a very old lady. Though time has changed a lot, still many parents come to me discussing and feeling confused regarding their adolescents social and dating life.

This made me think how much liberty I would like to give to my kids to go out and date. But I would also not like to restrict them as even this phase is essential for their growth.

So now trying to understand what dating means.

A date simply means “going out” with someone in prearranged time and generally with the opposite sex person.

Now what do we normally fear as a parent!

  1. Safety – we are of course worried regarding our kids safety. But we can take care of this. As a friendly and fair parent we can allow our kids to go with certain ‘terms and conditions’, which we can formulate with our kids only so that they don’t feel being dominated. In these terms the child may be asked to inform regarding the person they are going out with, the venue and time etc.
  2. Hearts Breaks – we fear to let our kids face heart breaks if the relationships don’t work. But we must know that we and our love are always there to help them to heal.
  3. Unsafe sex – As parents, this is the most devastating thing to think. We don’t want our kids to have sex before marriage, but we don’t even talk about it. So their dating life can be growing phase in parent-child relationship, where we could impart knowledge to them regarding physical relationship and also our expectations from them.

So if we and our adolescents and young adults maintain healthy, friendly relationship our kids can really enjoy and benefit out of their dating life.

What can our kid’s benefit!

  1. Dating can help them to develop their personality. They would learn how to handle situations and how to grow and nurture in their relationship with others.
  2. Dating will help them to get along socially. It can help them to learn to be comfortable and at ease with those of the opposite sex. They will also learn about opposite gender.
  3. Dating can help them in the selection of a mate. Mostly every young person looks forward to getting married and dating is one way of meeting possible marriage partners and helping them decide the kind of person they wish to marry.

(What a relief to parents and relatives…hehe)

So, I am ready to deal with my adolescents…..are you!!


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