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Healing literally means to make whole. It is the process of restoration of health.

Healing is a natural and normal process of life and of bodies of every living organism / living thing.

We need to understand that to be healthy is natural and not to be unhealthy.

Our body is beautifully equipped with natural self – repair mechanisms that are under the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs can either fasten the process of healing or it may block this process.

When our nervous system is in a relaxation response to our body’s self- repair mechanism function very well.

How to Facilitate Healing

  1. Believe in yourself- we all have this ability to heal over self. Once your beliefs in yourself as well as this natural process strengthens the powerful unconscious mind work blocklessly on the process of repair.
  2. Listen to your body and intuitions. Nobody knows your better than you.
  3. Right Support – It’s good and healing to have a right support. The nurturing care of a your positive belief, includes you in true partnership, respects your intuition, care for your well- being , and ensures you that you will not be alone on your healing journey, is essential and beneficial .
  4. Diagnose – The root causes of your illness. Illness is often a wakeup call, forcing us to understand our self. Play the victim or use this as an opportunity to awaken choice is yours.

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