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Power of prayers

“Prayer is derived from a latin word ‘precari’ which means to ask or beg or entreat. It is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication.”

As per me, there is nothing religious or supernatural about prayers. It’s just like anyone talking to their loved one; the one we trust a lot. When we are talking to such a person we open up and express ourselves truly and completely; we just melt away in such a way when we pray to our God. Our relations with our God(s) is the most personal, loving, caring, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, wise and holy. When we pray and do heart to heart; soul to soul conversation with our love (God), we do it with the faith & belief that God always desires the best for us because He loves us. Prayer is a beautiful relationship, where in we humbly communicate, worship & sincerely seek God’s face, knowing that He hears us, loves us and will respond, though not always in a manner we may expect or desire. Prayer can encompass confession, praise, supplication, intercession & more.

When we pray, we generate certain wavelengths of energies, that makes the desirable changes for us. Prayer is power and strength that influence the universe or nature to do for man is the measure of the possibility of prayers. Well! That does not mean that our actions don’t matter. We have to do our karmas to match with the energies of our prayers and that of the universe for the best outcomes or results. We experience the power of God when we sense God’s assent to our seeking and even realize that God has been reaching out for us all along, because it is within us and within everyone that is around us.

In the process of prayers, when we are talking , sharing or requesting the one we believe in, we are simultaneously talking to our self as well bringing more clarity in our life. Not just this our organs also listen and eventually starts following the affirmations/prayers thereby resulting in healing.


  • Prayer improves self-control.
  • Prayer offsets the negative health effects of stress.
  • Prayer increases trust and makes is more forgiving.
  • Prayer helps in improving psychological health.
  • Prayer helps to reduce worry & anxiety.
  • Prayers help to produce confident and gives us energy.

So, make prayer as part of your life style & gain its benefits.




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