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TANTRA – Not a black Magic

I really don’t know how it happened, but I have the memories where I have heard so many people fearing tantra as tantriks by associating it or them with black magic and all. In a land where we love and pray Shiva, it’s so unfortunate as well surprising the way tantra is accused by its detractors of being immoral, unethical and anti-social. But such accusations are completely unfounded.

Actually the tantrist’s world is alive with vivid colors.

Nirvana, the ultimate place of serenity and all knowledge is gained by the tantrist through a regular cycle of indulgence and abstinence. Through this cyclical training, keyed to the phases of the moon, the Tantrist keeps all the bodily appetites honed to a high degree of sensitivity and the times of abstinence become more and more difficult to endure. This system is designed to teach a strict moral code, and to develop its adherents spiritually.

Tantra places great emphasis on discipline, cleanliness, spirituality and gentleness. Through tantra we gain complete control of our own emotions, and those around us learn similar control.

Tantra is one of the oldest pathways. In Pakistan on the Indus River in the ancient city of mohenjo Daro, stands a monument bearing a golden seal, reliably dated as being 6000 years old. It depicts a person sitting in a Yoga posture performing a Tantric ritual. This is the oldest evidence known of Tantric Yoga. The religion of Tantra antedates both Hinduism and Buddhism.


Tantra has its path in three folds:-

  1. The mental path, in which all things prescribed including the exercise are done only in the imagination. The traditional Tantrist scoffs at this path believing it was invented as sop for those who could not do the exercises.
  2. The right-hand path followed by many stipulates the exercises be done only by partners working together.
  3. The Royal path – This has occasionally been called the left-hand path purely for derogatory reasons. But in 20th century it was considered as being controlled by right side of the brain.

In Tantric thought as in many other philosophies, the personality is composed of three parts.

Tantra holds that a tiny part of “IT” inhabits each body, being the body’s spiritual component.

This little piece of “IT” is the “I”. The “I” is the real part of the person, the part that reincarnates to inhabit many shells or bodies. “I” controls two important subsidiaries: the body and the mind. In your own life you recognize this distinction, for you say “my arm” or “my leg”. It is a basic tenet of yoga that the mind must be as well controlled as the body.

The ancient writings offer a clear metaphor, comparing each individual to a driver and a chariot. You own your body. You run it around; and the reins are wisdom.

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