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This is not the first time that I have stayed in a heritage property. I have been a blessed and rich traveler to get the opportunity to stay in various old and royal venues. Some have been pleasurable to my body, some have awakened my mind and some have been really soulful. But this land is simply magical, it has magnificently glowed me physically, mentally and spiritually. I am talking about “Fatehgarh Palace Hotel, Udaipur.”

Where my body is mesmerized by the queen like pampering received by the professional yet so familial staff; my mind is on a trance spiritual journey of a fairy tale stories of kings and queens residing here.

Trance Journey

“Look up into the sky”, the Maha Mantri said to the warrior princess, “ we have won yet another battle.” The princess was feeling victorious but not happy. What is the thing missing that the external world was unable to bring to her. They were climbing the fort that  they have named Fatehgarh after their victories.

She was tired and her luxurious, comfortable room with big beds was ready to gift her relaxing sleep. She moved out into the balcony to see the lovely view of twinkling lights. “Tomorrow shall be a new day; she said to herself and went inside to sleep.

And yes the next day was surely a new chapter of her life. To present her for her victories, the most popular artist of the nation has painted the walls of the palace and these paintings did something within her.

Forgetting her beloved weapons she sat in front of one of the  paintings and kept  looking at it till the time her eyelids became too heavy to remain open. She closed her eyes watching the same signs circulating in her body and heart, opening the closed doors. Some tears dropped from her closed eyes and she felt the ice within her was melting. She opened her eyes without realizing that she had been sitting there from so many hours. She had got what she was searching for and her weapons for war had become just another masterpieces on the walls of the palace forever. The warrior had found the Buddha within.

THE END !!!…. well, no… the beginning of many more new journeys and experiences.


AND I am the same ordinary girl Neha, getting enriched with the extraordinary experiences; the stay at the Fatehgarh palace Udaipur being one of them. And will I be having more fairytale experiences! Ofcourse yes as I am going to visit this palace again and again.



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