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TRAVEL WORKOUT – Stay fit as you Trip

Everyone keep asking me that how do I manage to stay so fit and toned up despite being travelling so much. So today I am revealing the secret; and that is travelling itself.”

Travelling is not an excuse for not being able to stay fit. Rather travelling can help you to stay healthy-physically, mentally as well as emotionally. All you need to know are certain tips of smart ways of travel workouts. So get ready to learn this “Travel Movement Therapy.’

Whether it’s for business, pleasure or vacation, at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our personal shire to visit and explore new locations. It can be a quick trip to the next town or a massive adventure around the world. No matter what kind of trip it is it may bring change in our normal routines. But if there is a will of staying fit we can continue to stay fit.


So, your happy travel is in any case keeping you mentally and psychologically healthy in a very positive manner. Its time to add some simple work-out to stay physically toned.

      1. WALK – Of course we have the options to take different modes of transportation’s, still wherever you can choose to walk down or walk around do that. This is not just a good cardio, but will also give you the opportunities to talk to the local people both verbally and non-verbally (like a smile ) and to be like them. And then you are not a real traveler if you are missing on this.

      2. STAIRS – send you luggage through the lift to you room and opt to take stairs to reach your floor. That flat  tummy you are desiring is guaranteed.

3HOTEL ROOM WORKOUT – All you need for this is little discipline and perseverance. Get up little early (before the breakfast time; and not like you need to wake up early morning, just 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time will do) and use your peaceful hotel room space to do simple exercises like plank, pushups, squats, jumping and crunches.

     4. HEALTH TRIPS – Yes you must enjoy luxury vacations, but you can also opt for the adventure trips like trekking, mountaineering and cycling tours which will undoubtedly gift you a very fit body and great stamina.

So now plan a trip soon to stay fit and healthy, as my secret is no more a secret now.

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