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Harmonious Workplace

This corporate Training Programme aims at making the workplace environment happy and harmonious by helping the employees aching the state of competition with the self , with the other co-workers as well as with other companies and organisations.
Working on the following areas / phases of human psychology
I am good ; You are not
You are good :I am not
I am good : You are good
We are all the best versions of ourselves
Benefits of the employees
1. More productivity
2. Increased workouput
3. Better Health
4. Lesser Absenteeism
5. Improved Employer Employee Relationship
6. Builds trust and Improves communication

Balance in Life

Corporate Training programmes are in complete and incompetent if they solely focus on the workalike of the employees as we all know that no matter how much focused we are to wards are work are personal life and relationship play a very crucial role in our career and success.
This training and development programme aims at gaining the wisdom to strike that balance in our personal and professional life so that our smiles are authentic and we are filled with the powerful energies of positivity to be the hero of our life.
Benefits :
1. Better life and well being
2. Enhanced productivity
3. Loving the work
4. Help yourself
5. Greater commitment and motivation
6. Lesser leaves

Stress Managment

Stress is like an electric flow we just require the right voltage allow are appliances to function properly if its too low the electrical gadgets may not work if its too high the wire may just burn.
Through this corporate training program we will learn to enhance our mechanism to be able to manage work related stresses in and optimistic manner to keep growing at the success ladder without burning out.
1. Improves health and mood
2. Higher motivation
3. Improves productivity
4. Better Skills
5. Reduces workplace conflicts
6. Improves communication
7. Enhances productivity

Body, Mind Soul of the Organisation the Chakra Series

Just like an Individual the companies / industries / organisations / institutions also have their bodies , mind and souls. And just the way no individual can be whimsically and holistically healthy with the self and with the world with blocked energy channels called THE CHAKRAS ; ALL THE CHAKRAS for the organisation to achieve perfect work environment, and business interactions with their clients it is important that the energy channels are well balanced and integrated.
1. Abundance
2. Harmony
3. Confidence
4. Compassion
5. Expression
6. Wisdom
7. Radiation

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