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A Holistic Healer, A Compassionate Pshchologist, A True Guide & Above All, A Humble Human Being with Big Smile.

Dr. Neha Malhotra is completely devoted to the well being of human kind, which encompasses mental and behavioural health. She is working as a PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL THERAPIST.

Dr. Neha Malhotra’s mission is to provide helping hands toward all the sectors of human life so that, psychological stress can be reduced and positive health can be promoted. She works with families and couples in order to promote positivity into the relationships. Dr. Neha Malhotra brings an expertise grounded in a global viewpoint to her practice, writing, books, speaking engagements and multimedia projects.

Dr. Neha runs a full time private practice in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. She started her journey as an individual with some aims, ambitions and dreams in her eyes and slowly experts from various fields joined in.

She offers short term and long term therapies as well as consultation services for children, couples, families and companies and innovative campaigns centered around enhancing human development and improving relationships.

Personal growth is a process, the means to an end. Our professionals—each with a unique specialty—who work together in a common environment to design new patterns and innovations have made it a point to make this process full of creativity, fun activities and smiles.

Her organization, on one hand is working the directions of promoting positive health, enhancing human development and improving relationships; on the other hand its aiming to bring revolution in the field of treatments by adding lots of creativity, fun and smiles into it. They believe in complete healings and not just treatments.

Dr. Neha Malhotra is an organization where the efforts, knowledge and expertise of many intelligent professionals and blessed souls are involved.

Dr. Neha Malhotra as an organisation aims at

  • Practicing positive health habits
  • Enhancing overall human development
  • Improving interpersonal and social relationships
  • Holistic approach rather than symptomatic approach to personal growth.
  • C.V. Highlights
  • B.A in Applied Psychology
  • M.A in Counseling Psychology
  • M.Sc. in Human Development
  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in play therapy.
  • Certified dance movement therapist
  • Travel movement therapist
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Diploma in Child Education and training special needed kids
  • Achievements
  • Dissertation research on "yoga and anger management"
  • Working as psycho-spiritual therapist
  • Developed several scripts for people experiencing psychotic traits
  • Done several cases of past life regression
  • Absolute healings in cases of Phobias, Manias, OCD and Depression
  • Working Experience
  • Part Time

  • Sahara Rehabilitation & De-addiction Center.
  • Worked with gifted children in various special schools.
  • Visiting Consultant

  • Noble Hospital
  • Asian Institute of Medical Science
  • Indian Air Force
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