Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  • The relationship between the psychologist and the patient is that of the professional and a client; and the psychologist is no where responsible for any loss/suffering, be it-emotional, mental, psychological or physical on the basis of any advice tendered by the professional.
  • The patient agrees to absolve the psychologist of any claim of what so ever nature brought against the professional by any third person.
  • Advance payment has to be made for the entire program.
  • In case of cancellation the patient need to inform 24hours prior to the appointment day for re-adjustment of the session, or else the session would be charged.
  • The entire treatment/assessment/counseling reports would be kept confidential from our side. The patient is free to share it.
  • Pictures/videos taken during the seminars/ workshop can be used for the promotion/ advertisement of Hopeland.
  • Payment of the seminars/ workshops shall not be refunded in case of absenteeism.
  • Organization/ company shall not be responsible for any accident or injury.
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